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Updated: May 31, 2020

Welcome to a place where African Women Leaders share their stories, starting with mine. I'm glad you're here. Seat back, and enjoy the ride.

Hi, my name is Maria Rotilu (Maria Ro) and I’m happy you dropped by GlossyWhite Pumps!

No, unfortunately this website isn't about shoes *sad face*, though I love shoes. It's about something else — navigating leadership as an African Woman. For a long time, I’ve wanted to write as a way to capture and share my professional experiences, but I struggled to commit for one reason or the other. Now, it is time. Hence, the birth of GlossyWhitePumps!

Look at these babies..

Having grown rather rapidly career-wise in the past few years (from being a Management Consultant to leading multi-functional teams and running a multinational startup in Nigeria) I've had to learn, and I’m still learning, certain unique skills required for leadership as an African Woman. I want to share them with you.

So, I decided to start this website. Why Glossy White Pumps? Because the right glossy white pumps make you feel like a badass boss lady and you know I’m right.

Why this website? Because this is a conversation worth having. How are young leaders navigating leadership in Africa? How are young women leaders doing it? So, what can you expect from this website?

Stories about my professional journey and hopefully some of my experience can help yours grow too. Here are some posts on:

Lessons learnt from being a Young Leader building sustainable businesses and tips that may help you do so too. Here are posts on :

Features of African Women Leaders doing amazing things! So, we could learn from them on how they navigate their leadership journey.

Random (well, not so random) posts e.g. book reviews, podcast and article reviews, productivity hacks, favorite TV shows, that sort of thing.

For context on my professional experience, here’s my Linkedin Page. I'm on instagram here and twitter here

Welcome and I hope you enjoy the journey :)

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Maria Ro


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