Understanding Business Models [A Free Course]

Happy New Month! We are officially in the second half of 2020 and i bring a gift.The business model canvas is a tool that helps you think about business models in a structured, detailed way across several pillars like value proposition, customer segments, channels, activities, costs, revenue etc. If you are thinking of taking the leap into starting your own business but not sure how to think about it in a structured way or you just want to look at your existing business, and be able to understand how to better make it work. This course is for you.

Disclaimer: I filmed this using zoom in one weekend at a stretch so please forgive any blips, but i trust you the content is great. I really believe that there are so many smart people with hustle and grit building their businesses, doing their best. But with practical business education and training, they can not just build businesses, but build sustainable businesses.

I’ve seen that that often times entrepreneurs stumble into businesses trying to make it work without really stepping out of the business to see how it all works and ways it might be better. This is a comprehensive way to think about businesses, that gives you a competitive advantage.

There is a framework that exists called the Business Model Canvas, that helps you critically think through your business model it and i have put it into a FREE course for the first 1,000 registrations. This is a 15 video course of around 30 minutes each. You can finish it by watching a video a day in two weeks.

Trust me, starting or running a business is going to exponentially difficult so if you find it incredibly difficult to complete this course, that is in itself some indicator to whether or not you are ready to start or work on your business.

It’s an absolutely FREE course that uses fifteen 10 minute conversation videos to teach you how what business models mean, and how to build an innovative using the Business Model Canvas Tool. The Business Model Canvas Tool is an amazing framework developed by some really smart people, who help you think about businesses critically, and with some structure. Here is the book on amazon.

This course walks you to through the canvas in sufficient detail to help you able to design your business model, or any business model using the framework. It's a largely practical and thinking exercise, so you will have to be actively engaged, but the knowledge you will gain will last you through any business.

Remember, we set plans and go through detailed critical thinking exercises not to predict the future. Nobody can, really. We do this to force ourselves into the discipline of planning, analysis and intelligent consideration to improve the quality of our decisions. This is what this exercise will help you do.

Please share this with a friend you know needs this. Hundreds of people have registered and taken the course right now, and here are few of the reviews.

An eye opener, gained more clarity as to what direction to go in my business”
“It was very insightful, I'm thinking about my business differently”

So, what are you waiting for? This course is equivalent to just three of your favorite Netflix episodes. Bet you could easily finish that one at a stretch ;)

Someone you know needs this! It is still FREE for the first 1,000 registrants, so hurry as we are almost hitting that number. So, register now here.

Chat soon.


Maria Ro


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