To A Woman I Know

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

A letter to every woman, to myself, to women to come and women who have left this world. On this International Women's Day, i salute the potency of our strength, the depths of our resilience and most of all, the decision to be our best selves, irrespective of social constructs and preconceived notions. Today, i celebrate Woman. All in her beautiful, complete, powerful glory.

Dear Woman,

On this International Women’s Day I salute you. Your awesomeness shouldn't be expressed only in one day, but I choose this one to remind you (and me) again that you are indeed amazing. That, you are not just enough, you are more than enough.

Woman, I celebrate you. I celebrate your journey, your strength, your voice, oh your voice. I admire your resilience, your power, the audacity to resist, the audacity to believe that you are nothing short of amazing. To tear down the constructs that have been weaved to limit your potential.

I salute your ability to take on these many roles, doing them with dedication, heart, passion, reckless abandon. I salute your bravery, your force, fighting your battles, those hidden, those seen. I salute your memories that shape you and I salute you shaping yourself. Unlearning and re-learning. I salute your consistency, showing up every day, being the best version of yourself, doing your very best every time despite what the world communicates about what it expects of you Despite what it may look like at the time. I salute your power.

I salute your strength, and tenderness, Woman. You make things happen, you run your businesses, your life, your work, your passions, on your own terms, in this mad world. Doing things, making it happen. Making. It. Happen, irrespective of how you feel. Irrespective what they say, what they don't say. I admire you woman, complete in your strength and tenderness. Unapologetic in your expressions, ambitious in your expectations. I see you. I see you. I see your power.

I salute you, Woman. Boss. Mother. Entrepreneur. Sister. Professional. Friend. Teacher. Wife. I see the many faces you carry. They are all beautifully, you.

Today, I say. I see you, and you are doing amazing! Keep being amazing.

Happy International Woman’s Day.




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