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Updated: May 31, 2020

Since we are all holed up with very little in-person social activity, I thought to share with you all the series I've been watching and those I've found interesting. I’ll also try to include where they are showing, and I will stay away from spoilers as much as I can. I wrote a similar post here a year ago, so I will not be repeating the shows I mentioned there.

As I wrote this, i realized i spend quite A LOT of my free time watching shows. It’s pretty much how I spend my leisure time, watching shows and reading. Also, my husband and I love to watch movies and shows together so maybe that’s why it seems like a lot. I’ve limited my list to the top ten. Let me know if you’ve seen any, and I hope you enjoy them if you eventually do. So here you go!

Altered Carbon (2 Seasons)

Quellcrist Falconer, Takashi Kovacs. The Meths, and Elders. This series, originally a book, talks about a dystopian future where the technology to store and transfer human consciousness via digital technology exists.

Because of this, there is the possibility of interplanetary travel, and life has a whole new meaning. This story was based on a cyberpunk novel and is so beautifully delivered, that I watched it twice. Yes, you heard that correctly, I watched both seasons, twice.

The plot, dialogue, acting, production is just a work of art. I find this show perfect, and it is right up my genre alley. It is also a really diverse set with a black woman lead (Renée Elise Goldsberry) what’s not to love? It’s hell yes from me!

You can watch this on Netflix.

Little Fires Everywhere (1 Season)

This show has just one season, has two female leads, Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. It does have “Big Little Lies” vibes, and it is based on a book as well. It’s a story of two mothers, navigating the relationship of their past choices, and how it shaped their present selves.

It explores their relationship with their daughters and cleverly shows how racism can be perpetuated in a sneaky yet dangerously potent way. It starts somewhat slow, but I enjoyed it and recommend it. It’s a yes from me.

You can watch this on Hulu

Insecure (3 Seasons)

Three seasons in, this show is about four black friends and their lives set in Los Angeles. Work-life, home life, love life with Issa Rae at the center of it all. I find this show interesting because it introduces its audience to issues around being a black woman in America, navigating dating, and finding yourself.

The most recent season focused on friendship dynamics, with exes, current friends, and I will make sure not to spoil it for you. So, go see it :)

You can watch this on HBO

Blood And Water (1 Season)

A South African Netflix original, this show starts a little slow, but it is worth it in the end! The production quality, dialogue, plot, and acting here is gold and it is so refreshing to see a homegrown show do this on an international scale. It navigates the story of the case of a child kidnapping moments after birth. 17 years later, there is a lead and it is explored in the halls of a high school and teen drama.

I enjoyed watching this, and kudos to the team that brought this to life. Can't wait for Season 2.

You can watch this on Netflix

Dead To Me (2 Seasons)

A story of two women and their friendship. On one hand, there is a woman who can’t have kids, in an abusive relationship and on the other a widow and mom of two kids, and this unusual friendship that unravels both their lives. They are opposites of each other but grew a bond that will be tested. I found this show so enthralling, I binged on both seasons. The plot is solid, and the characters fully developed. Trust me, my description does not do this show justice. I am trying to make sure I don’t give spoilers, but yeah - go see it and tell me what you think?

You can watch this on Netflix

White Lines (1 Season)

A woman finds out her brother who was supposedly missing many years ago, was murdered. She leaves Manchester to Ibiza in Spain, to find out what happened. Her journey turns out to be not just a journey for her brother but herself. In her bid to uncover the truth, she finds herself in an affair, in the middle of a drug cartel feud, and learns new things about her brother she would have never guessed.

I enjoyed watching this, the plot is thick, with lots of twists and turns. Lots of nudity and drugs, so keep the kids away.

You can watch this on Netflix

Queen of The South (4 Seasons)

Ha! This three season goodness is a work of art. I'm sure you can tell i love me a strong female lead, and this show delivers, on not just one, but two! It is the story of a two ambitious women who through a love story both end up leading drug cartels.

The characters, plot, dialogue, action, everything in this series is magic, and the third season just recently launched on Netflix. This one is aamazing, i guarant-ee you.

You can watch this on Netflix

Sweet Magnolias (1 Season)

Her husband cheated on her with a nurse at his hospital, and he wants a divorce. Her life is now turned upside down, and with two sons she is not quite sure where to start. There is a coach in town who is pleasing to the eye and has an eye out for her. She embraces the end of her marriage as the start of a new beginning with her two friends, who have deep and sometimes dark stories of their own.

This is a feel-good series, although things escalate at the end that leave you wanting more. The plots are simple, the characters are warm, and it is nice to watch. It is only one season and I'm excited about the next.

You can watch this on Netflix

You (2 Seasons)

No one ever wrote a story about a serial killer that we somehow like, like this show does. Okay maybe Dexter, but this is different.

You explores the story of a stalker in first-person narration, in a way I have not experienced. It shows how much we reveal on social media and how stalkers think, and makes me question if I really should leave my Instagram settings on “public”.

It’s a great show, but just get ready for the occasional scene that will make you shudder.

You can watch this on Netflix

Grown-ish (3 Seasons)

Why do I like this show? Because everyone, and I am not joking, everyone looks good in this show. The styling is on point!

The plot holds enough for you not to be bored, and it shows Gen Z college life in a way that honestly makes me feel old.

The female lead, Yara of Blackish does a great job here. I will also classify this under the “feel good” category. So, got a weekend where you just want to chill? Binging this will do the job.

You can watch this on Hulu

Bonus: Greenleaf

If you are looking for quality church drama, executed nicely, with interwoven plot, developed characters, great dialogue, and many food for thought moments, Greenleaf is your plug.

This four season goodness explores church politics, sexuality, infidelity, seduction surrounding church leadership. It is a good watch, and i enjoyed it. To be honest, i feel like this show does a great job capturing the realities of what church politics looks like.

You can watch this on Netflix.

So, that's it folks! What series are you watching that isn't on my list? How many have you seen?

Stay safe and take care!


Maria Ro

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