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Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Three pastimes I love are reading, listening to podcasts/music, and watching TV shows. This random post is essentially to share with you the TV shows I love and why.

Madam Secretary

This show gives me butterflies in my belly because Tea Leoni is playing Elizabeth McCord as Secretary of State and this show beautifully navigates her world as first, an incredibly competent politician and policy maker, and then as a mother and wife. Typical shows are the reverse.

I love the multifaceted approach to her being a woman and the naturalness with which she is a politician and a mother and a wife. It’s so amazing to watch. I also love her calm yet strong personality. This woman’s competence is just a beauty to watch!

This Is Us

You will need two things in preparation for this show: LOTS of tissue to wipe your tears and a shoulder to cry on. This is one tear-jerking show.

The actors are AMAZING and compel emotion. I cry over every single episode of this show. It depicts vulnerability, loss, growth, self-acceptance, being deliberate, fate, fighting your demons, and life. Generally, life.

You you should see the show if you haven’t. <3

The Crown

This is a Netflix special about Queen Elizabeth II and the transition of the British Monarchy from the 1940s. I found out about this from the Golden Globes awards and it piqued my interest primarily because it won so many awards. More like, what is it about this show? Then I started it. Safe to say I enjoyed it because now I’m done with both seasons and can’t wait for a new season. It talks about the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her transition from daughter of a king, to a queen; a monarch.

This show is able to very finely express the tricky situations women in power typically find themselves in: feeling inadequate, wifehood, motherhood, growing into your strength, and showing authentic leadership. This show has it all from the context of the British monarchy in the 40s. The characters are so well developed and the dialogue is phenomenal. I quite like it very much (read in Queen's English).

Disclaimer: I do not know how true to life the show is, but I suspect it is way more fiction than truth.

Black Mirror

This show is also a Netflix original (fun fact: did you know the netflix budget for original content is $8bn in 2018? Pretty sure that's the GDP of some countries). Black Mirror is clearly in a class of its own! I love, love, love it. There’s an underlying theme of how people react to new technology that’s supposed to make your life better, but ends up just amplifying our limitations as human beings.

It’s four seasons so far and the episodes are not chronological so you can watch randomly. My goodness, I simply cannot say I’ve watched anything like it.

I particularly love so many episodes. My personal favourites are “The National Anthem”, “White Christmas”, “Arkangel”, “Black Museum”, “Fifteen Million Merits”, and “Be Right Back”.

Underlying theme of them all? Humans are terrible and technology makes it worse.

Designated Survivor

The president and most of the cabinet die in an explosion and Tom Kirkman (real name Kiefer Sutherland, actual real name Jack Bauer haha) is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and nominated designated survivor. Which means now he has to be president.

This show is so great, not because I’m a diehard Kiefer Sutherland fan but because it explores authentic leadership in several parts of the show. Also, the plot on the hidden agenda behind the attack of the Capitol makes a good storyline.

It also shows how Tom Kirkman manages his new role as president, (a brand new leader, leading a country!) building a team, earning their trust and respect, and having to prove to people who did not believe he should be president that he was capable of doing the job. It’s a great show.

Queen Sugar

I started this show from Season 2 and although I haven’t gone back to watch Season 1, I caught on. It’s a very slow paced show (which I like) and from reviews online people don’t particularly fancy it.

However, I like the light it throws on family businesses, love and divorce, betrayal, motherhood, wifehood, racial discrimination and Charlie navigating leadership as a black woman trying to run a sugar plantation in a very deeply racist state in America. Imagine fighting racism and sexism at the same time! It finds a way to bring out nuances that happen in real life which I rarely ever see in shows, and I like it.

I also hear this is an original production by the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

What’s not to love? It’s a comedy drama and has random bursts of singing in the middle over the most ridiculous things, but with really nice tunes.

Very recently they started throwing light on mental illness and I quite like it. This is my go to show when I need to relax.

If you’ve seen any of these shows and

you love them, share with me in the comments section :)

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