Conversations with #AfricanWomenLeaders - A Series

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

First, Happy Eid-al Fitr to my muslim friends, and hope we are all staying safe during these COVID times. I am excited to bring great news! In the month of June - next week, we will launch a series featuring amazing #AfricanWomenLeaders on GlossyWhitePumps!

Two years ago, I started this website, GlossyWhitePumps as a way to share my experiences with leadership. I have received incredible feedback from our readers on how its helped them shape their choices on their leadership journey. In just two years GWP has seen thousands of readers (thanks to each and every one of you!), across ten countries! I was surprised when i saw the traffic statistics. Thank you to each and everyone one of you who has subscribed, read, commented, shared. I don't take your time for granted <3

I believe in sharing our stories and i am honored to to spotlight these amazing leaders all of whom have inspired me one way or another. They are phenomenal women. I bring to you the very first of the #AfricanWomanLeaders series.

Here is a line up of some of our amazing guests...

Why am i doing this?

Because our stories are worth telling, and conversations are how we share our selves with the world. Because more young girls, and women leaders in Africa on our respective journeys need to know we are not alone. Because a lesson learnt, should be a lesson shared. Because we need to see, and hear the voices of women leaders in Africa across a vast range of industries.

These are Leaders in their own right they just happen to be women too.They have pioneered industries, and technologies. They are trailblazing women, experts in their fields and have led multi-million dollar businesses, impacted hundreds of thousands of lives meaningfully. They have founded businesses, they have led them. They are entrepreneurs, career professionals, founders, some of them mothers, but all of them - leaders.

In this series they will share their amazing journey with us all, and answer personal questions on leadership The tone is conversational and hair down, so, as you read, imagine them on this comfortable pod chair with a cup of tea in hand, and music in the background talking to you.

I cannot wait to share their stories with you, I promise they will be worth your while!

We have leaders from all over Africa, in both French and English speaking nations. Kenya, Nigeria, Cote D'Ivoire. We have diverse industries from Venture Capital, Social Impact, Technology Founders, Development Professionals, Non Profit Founders and Executives, Serial Entrepreneurs across industries, Law, Digital Technology, and even Fashion!

Gosh, the list is amazing and i am excited to read their answers to our leadership questions as they walk us through their leadership journey. There are so many gems. Lessons to be learnt. We launch our first couple of interviews next week, Monday June 1st, 11:00am prompt (WAT) and I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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Chat soon and Stay Safe.


Maria Ro

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