Book Review #5 - Shoe Dog by Phil Knight [Nike's Story]

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

8 lessons learnt from the iconic book, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. A narration of Nike's story from idea to execution to the multimillion dollar business it is today.

1. Whats your crazy idea? Have a crazy idea. Notice how this is constant with all radically successful entrepreneurs? What's your crazy idea?

2. Timing is Everything: Right timing is key to convincing people about your crazy idea, about many other things. Prepare, wait for the right opportunity (timing) and strike.

3. If you have it, use it. If you don't, create it: It's nice if your parents have enough money to fund your crazy idea - Don't apologize for your privilege, enjoy and be grateful for it and if you don't have it, create it, at least for your kids. Nice also if a few of your parents trusted contacts in relevant positions can help with your crazy idea. Leverage your resources.

4. Have One Crazy Person in Your Corner: Have one friend crazy enough to believe in your crazy idea. Be comfortable traveling alone and ready to do it alone if it came down to it.

5. It's never a straight road even if you do everything right: Life is more haphazard than linear, epiphanies are only euphoric for a moment. There are great moments of realization but immediately after, life continues. Go with the flow.

6. Be Malleable and Flexible - accommodate plan adjustments because they will change. Stick to your vision, be flexible on execution. You don't have to know where exactly you're going, know where you don't want to go and don't stop. Trust your gut.

7. One Step At A Time: Try not to connect the dots until it's way in hindsight. Some dots will never make progressive linear sense. Be okay with taking several steps without seeing the entire staircase

8. Your Plans Will Fail: Yes, sometimes, a lot of times your plans will fail. It's okay. Dust yourself, learn from the experience, pivot and try again. Eye on the prize.

I rated the book a 4.5. I would read it again!




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