#BookReview 4 - When a Man Falls From The Sky

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Of short stories about war and afro science fiction. After reading this book i realized i don't like the lack of closure short stories bring but i'll read some stories in this book over and over again.

So, I didn’t know at first that it was a compilation of short stories so I ran into an unfortunate situation where I thought it was one long story till 50% into the book and I genuinely wondered what was going on with the plot.

Anyhow, i recalibrated and all was good. I enjoyed reading this book. How do I know a book that does it for me? I read at a stretch (few breaks in between) and this book did.

For some stories, the author has an amazing technique I’m very drawn to and I imagine will be ecstatic if she ever wrote a full book with a strong plot and not just a compilation of short stories. For some stories I felt like I had eaten half done food and felt quite dissatisfied to say the least but for others, oh for others it was perfection (even without the closure of a full story)

Couple of stories that stood out for me is What Happens When A Man Falls From The Sky, Wild, Windfalls, Glory, and Volcano.

Side-note: I notice a resemblance in plot of one short story to Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti. Can you guess which it is?

All considered, I would read this book again (only the stories i liked.)

I would give it a strong 3 stars.


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