Book Review #8 - The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

This was an easy read, very similar honesty to that of Gabrielle Union in her book, We are going to need more wine. Reads like an autobiography of some sort but with very interesting, occasionally downright insane stories from her past.

My goodness, she’s had a tough life and her level of self acceptance is out of this world, I think - it’s the only way she can cope with the odd cards life dealt her.

I’ve always believed people are a sum of their experiences but most importantly their reaction to these experiences and I’m so proud of Tiffany for being true to herself even through her tough life experiences.

She is brutally honest and probably still working through some psychological issues from her past (aren’t we all?)

I enjoyed the book. Was a quick and easy read, was done in a day. The one thing that’s striking is how she maintained her personality in the book (even with the bad grammar and extremes). The plot is a bit haphazard, its more about several random stories than a chronological account of her life. You will quickly see in the story that life’s dealt her odd cards, she’s been through so much, i now understand that her self acceptance was for her survival. It’s the only way to have gone though what she went through and come out of it functional (enough).

It would be amaaazing if Tiffany had an audio book of this, conversation style. You know, with her personality and nuance expressed. It will be like a conversation. That’s truly how the book felt. (post: i hear there actually is an audio version exactly like this)

If you're particular about your grammar, you will struggle with this book. If you haven't heard Tiffany speak, you probably will struggle with this book too.

Decided not to do a rating on this one.



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