Book Review #3 - We are going to need more wine

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

This post reviews Gabrielle Union's new book, We are going to need more wine

So i heard about this book randomly online and i liked the title, but i also like Gabrielle Union as an actress. However, i was very skeptical about her being an author as i’d never read her work.

Disclaimer, this not the type of book i'll naturally drift towards, but i went for it. I’m that person who reads self help books (judge me) or startup books (Lean Startup) or corporate books like (“Your First Leadership Job”), or “deep” books like Paul Coelho’s The Pilgrim and the Alchemist and melancholic books by Khaled Hosseini so you see why chirpy Gabrielle Union isn’t my type of book. But!

I lo-oo-oved the conversational tone of the book. It was like talking to her and i loved that. I almost read it with a glass of wine in hand because sometimes i'm a bit extra, but it was an interesting book, and a stretch read. I finished it in two days.

Honesty: Love that the book was so unapologetically honest about Gabrielle's experiences, shows her journey to self acceptance and has tales of love, friends lost and found. The honesty of Gabrielle in this book is liberating - it’s like if THE amazing Gabrielle can be this honest about her experiences where she was occasionally the villain, then who am i?

Identity: She sheds light on colorism, racism and sexism in America and i can see even more clearly how we really are a sum total of our reaction to our life experiences and not the life experiences themselves.

This book reminded me that when people think African/Black Americans are extra when it comes to race, i now more than ever just refrain from having a strong opinion about something i haven’t experienced as my reality and i leave a little room that “i just don’t get it like they do

Will recommend as a lazy Saturday read, (with a glass of wine in hand) because heck someone has to do this!

I rated it a 4 star on Amazon.


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