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Updated: Jan 1, 2019

This post reviews the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson

When i first heard of this book i rolled my eyes because i was so sure it will be a cliche book about not caring about anything in the world and how that liberates you in the end. *insert eye roll here* and then i started…

The book made me think, really think

I had to stop for a brief moment around chapter 2 because this book made me question a lot of what i believed about happiness, and the life values i held dear. I was uncomfortable but I liked it. It meant i was learning, it meant i was maybe growing?

Here’s how I know I’ve enjoyed a book or it’s really struck me. I read the acknowledgments. Because I need to know more about the person who wrote the book and how they are. It’s beyond the book, now the author.

I picked up the book after the brief pause and had to drop it several times as i read, no longer because i was uncomfortable but because i had to think, really think about what i’d just read. To question myself and answer honestly.

I won’t say much so you don’t get spoilers but read this book if:

  • If you’re ready to see the concept of ‘happiness’ from a different perspective

  • You’re comfortable with seeing an indiscriminate amount of “f*cks” in a sentence.

  • You’re ready to have your beliefs on motivation and life values challenged


I rated this book a 5 star for the mere reason that it reminded me of important lessons one must try not to forget as you live life and be the best version of yourself. The book is such a weird amazing one as it is anti-cliche but somehow in a way is. (haha)

I don’t necessarily agree 100% with everything in the book (and honestly ideally one shouldn't with any book) but it’s principles does strike a very familiar chord with me and i can say - this book changed how i see the world a little.

P.s: There are some books you don’t rush - you allow them stew, ruminate on them in your thoughts and reach a conviction in your mind. This was one of such for me. In our bid to read as many books as possible or improve our reading habit, let’s pick quality over quantity and remember some books need to not be rushed.

I rated it a five star on Amazon.


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