Book Review #15- Of Priests & Mermaids by J.C Nova

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

First, this writer is Nigerian, and that makes me incredibly proud. I love fantasy, and I like a writer that keeps my attention and wields fantasy with skill. J. C. Nova did that.

I read this book at a stretch on a flight, and I must say it was enjoyable. Anyone who knows me knows I hate short stories and the lack of closure they bring. But this book, a compilation of short stories, has now become my very first exception.

The book comprises of short stories of varying themes, mostly fantasy, but features sub themes of romance, combat and horror. I liked the variety. I really liked it. I also liked the fact that each story stood distinct in and of itself, and I can remember them in my mind.

This is how I tell a great writer from a good one: how well were you able to weave an image in my mind, and how well can I remember it, or at least, how it made me feel?

If we go by that, there were a lot of times where I laughed, others where I shuddered, and some others where I tensed in anticipation of what might happen next and when I did find out, I was pleased by the fact that it wasn’t anything I expected. I tried to search my mind to see which writer J. C. Nova writes like, and it's a little hard to tell, which either tells me he has a distinct style, or I simply haven’t read enough books to find a match. I did sense Stephen King vibes in some of the stories, though.

I am partial to a few stories in the book. I actually liked all, and didn’t have any I particularly did not like, though I liked some more than others. Some, I would love to see fleshed out into a big book but I’m not sure that’s how short stories work. I think the lack of closure is essential to the story.

A little about J. C. Nova; I was pleased to find out this wasn’t his first book. He has written three other books.

I would give this book a 4.5 star rating :)



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