Book Review #14 - Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Anyone who has ever experienced loss, and the piercing shock of grief, will relate strongly to this book. After Sheryl lost her husband, Dave. She wrote this book. This book gives useful practical advice to the grieving, gives colour to the struggles she faced, combining it with data driven research and analysis by Psychologists on ways to stay afloat, and even leap, even while grief engulfs.

I am a #leanin fan. Sheryl’s book, Lean In brought her experiences as a woman in leadership on the world stage, as Facebook COO. Even with criticisms on the message putting the responsibility of institutionalized gender discrimination on the woman, i chose to gain what i could from the book, not disagreeing with the criticism.

Listening to this book, many things come out for me. I wish i could go back in time, when i myself faced grief armed with this information. It probably won’t have taken the pain away. But i think it would have helped. Now, i’ve decided, to read more books on coping with grief, and sharing them with people around me who struggle, because in the time of darkness, sometimes you need data and backed research to tell you, that you will be okay.

Loss of a loved one is an unexplainable thing, and people react differently to grief. This book shows the “why”, with healthy nuance of human emotion our response to grief, of people’s response to grief, of society’s response to our grief.

It talks about, helping children cope with grief, and is a book that captures Sheryl’s journey into lessons that the grieving will likely find comforting. Should you not have experienced grief, i imagine this book gives some pathway for you to momentarily feel what it's like from someone else’s experience and how it may feel. This will likely help with empathizing.

It is a book i would recommend, but can be a little triggering if you have experienced loss. So i’ll say pace yourself when you read.

I’ll give it a 4 star



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