Book Review #1 - Year of Yes

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

In this post i review Shonda Rhimes' new book, "Year of Yes". Let's just say, it's a yes from me :)

So, before we go into the book. I respect, respect, popular authors who price their books in the affordable category. This book on Kindle was 99p, yup around N500 Naira and around $1.5.

I really think Shonda did this because she wanted to give this book out for as little as possible because she knew someone needs to hear her story and she’s a believer in telling your story

Now, to the book. This book showed strength. The silent defiant type typical of introverts. The one that masks itself in its infancy as shyness. The book shows Shonda’s journey to self-improvement on a whole new level,

..and the writing style was beyond conversational, it was like she was with you in your head.

I’m not surprised she always wanted to be a writer, she’s an amazing one. She’s also a great storyteller, you can tell. I’m a huge fan of her shows and I love her sheer force of will so eloquently displayed in the book and it’s so admirable how she surmounted her demons and was so unapologetically herself in the end.

On a personal note I relate a lot with a couple of professional struggles she faced and identify with her victory. I would love to read this woman write fiction in a book. It’ll be amamazing!

P.s Odd thing in Chapter 3 she mentions it’s her birthday (Jan 13) and the day I was reading it was Jan 13!!! What are the odds of that happening?

It was a nice read and I rated it a 4 on Amazon. Have you read the book? Share your thoughts with me :)

You can watch her TED talk about the book here


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